Thalassotherapy & Spa

4 stars, is an intimate, warm hotel where everything is quiet, order and beauty.

Beautiful gardens that spread to the beach with the sea in the background and close to the Marina... This is the superb site where HASDRUBAL port El Kantaouihas been established. It is an intimate, warm hotel where everything is quiet, order and beauty.

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Clients' Feedbacks

"A place where the climate, the Thalasso, all the staff, the comfort are a delight" I went more than 10 times in this establishment a few times 7, 10 then 15 days, and C is every time wonderful. The place is not made for families with children, nor can be teenagers, but for the well being and the calm. Hotel recommended for a fitness and a nice food. No weakness
"Always a pleasure to return" It was, indeed, our first real experience in Thalasso – option that we chose thinking that the weather in January would not be great (what a mistake!!!) – and I must say that we were pleasantly surprised by the Quality of care provided and by the kindness of the staff. If we add to this the 20% discount granted to the visitors of the hotel we obtain a value for money simply unbeatable.
"Even better" we came back for the fifth time in this beautiful hotel. We always appreciate the excellent benefits of the Thalasso, the kindness and professionalism of the staff, the "human" size of this hotel. We must emphasize the very good quality of the restaurant which was a bit of a weakness and salute the efforts of the management to maintain excellence in this difficult and uncertain period of low attendance.
Laurence D
"Hasdrubal Excellence!!" I go back for the 8th time this year in March! What a pleasure! What a displacement! Everything there is the comfort, the food, the smile and the kindness constantly of the staff and its manager and what to say of the care lavished, you are pampered by professionals. I promise you to come and test it and you will see ...... Come back.